📅 January, 2020

Let there be colour!

Paysera introduced more blue into its system in the autumn of 2019. Now we are going one step further and presenting not only a new card design, but also new card colours. The spectrum of the new Visa cards will consist of 6 different hues! 🥳🎨


All about those colours

Let’s start with information for new cardholders. As a new private client you are lucky, because you are able to choose from 3 colours: 🐋 light blue, 🔥 orange, and 💨 light grey (coming soon).

How can you order a card? Log in to your Paysera account and select Accounts and Cards -> Payment Cards in the side menu. You can also order a card via the Paysera app by tapping on Cards in the menu bar. 📢 It is important to understand that when the card expires, the replacement card will automatically be the same colour as the primary card.  The same applies to additional cards – all of them will be the same colour as the primary card. We aim to provide more freedom regarding this in the future. 🙏


What’s new for those who have active payment cards? When your card expires, you will automatically get the light blue card. If your active black or white card needs to be replaced, the replacement card will also be light blue 🐋. Some clients had new cards ordered automatically during the last week of December 2019 and will have already received light blue cards. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no possibility to choose a different colour other than light blue, but we are working to change this 🤞. To be clear – everything depends on the card issuer’s decision, it is not our choice.


New business-card holders are especially blessed because they will be able to choose from 6 colours: the same 3 as private clients + 3 new colours (💙 dark blue, 🌑 dark grey, and ⚫ black – coming soon). For those business clients who have active payment cards, the replacement will automatically be the light blue card. If your business card expired during the last week of December 2019, don’t be surprised if you receive a light blue card. 📢 The design of the additional cards will be the same as the design of the primary card. The ability to choose different colours other than light blue it is being negotiated with the card issuer.



We assume that news can incite questions, so we tried to foresee them. You can find some anticipated questions and answers below. 🤓👇

When can we expect to see the missing colours?

As mentioned before, this is a question of negotiation with our card issuer. Nobody knows how much time it could take. Fingers crossed either way.

Do the prices and other conditions stay the same?

Yes, all the conditions stay the same. More information about the payment card can be found on our website.

How do the new cards differ from the old ones?

The only difference is in the design and colour. All other features stay the same: they are contactless, Visa, protected with 3-D Secure technology, and valid for 4 years.

I have an active white card, but I want a blue one. What can I do to get it?

There are two options. First, be patient and wait until the white card expires and you will automatically get a blue card. Second, cancel all your existing cards (including additional ones), then you will be able to choose from 3 colours. But we highly recommend not to do so, because this way you will have more inconvenience than advantages: you will have no card for a while and you will pay extra to order a new card, etc.

My card is nearing expiration, but I really want a blue card. Maybe there is some way to order it?

Unfortunately, no. The only “bypass” is cancellation of all your existing cards. But as we wrote in the previous question, it is not the best way.

More information about Visa cards can be found on FAQ or Paysera’s YouTube channel..

We wish you a bright and colourful year! 🤩🌈