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Why is my Paysera account blocked or restricted?

We often see people discussing this topic in various forums as well as on social media, so we decided to give you some insights on why some people find their Paysera account blocked or restricted.

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Top up with

You can now add funds to your Paysera account through our partnership with ePay by using any of the following 3 methods: by depositing cash at any EasyPay office, through an ePay micro account, and at a B-Pay ATM.

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Alternative Easter: All you need to know about spending the holidays at home 

Easter is approaching and we're all thinking about our family members and loved ones that we normally spend these holidays with. However, this year the best present for them will be keeping them safe by staying at home. Meanwhile, we will make sure that the pocket money for your grandchildren or little presents for your loved ones reach their accounts before Easter morning.

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E-shop numbers jump amid the national quarantines

After the announcement of the nationwide quarantines, many companies had to shift to the e-commerce sector. We want to believe that it creates some great opportunities that will help the companies and economies in the long run.

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Events during the quarantine: Cancel? Postpone? Adapt! 

There is no doubt that the worldwide quarantine radically changed the plans of many performers, event-goers, and event organisers. And yes, it might sound impossible, but maybe your event can be held online? 

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No, it’s not too late to set up an e-shop! 

Since the quarantine doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, even the most traditional physical shop owners have started moving their services to various online platforms. As cliché as it might sound – better late than never! And yes, it is quite late, but not too late. 

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Paysera payment cards

Paysera is working as usual during the COVID-19 outbreak

In these times of uncertainty, we will do our best to provide stability and confidence to our clients, partners, and employees.

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Let there be colour!

The first New Year’s news are here! We are ready to introduce a new payment card design with a few different colours. Don’t have a Paysera payment card yet? Order one and choose the colour you like the most.

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2019 – a year full of accomplishments, new services, and functionalities

The past year was full of advances in our services as well as in the results we achieved.

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The mobile banking of Paysera

With the development of new technologies, our smartphones became an integral part of our everyday activities. The same thing is now happening with our bank accounts. Let us explain more about the Paysera mobile banking solution and its benefits.

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Company payment management with Paysera

At a time of globalisation, almost every company has the need to execute payments to partners, either locally or internationally. We at Paysera want to help them by offering digital payment services that save not only time but money as well.

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Bulgaria international transfers

Benefits to Bulgarian users performing international transfers

Many companies and individuals experience difficulties in executing international money transfers from Bulgaria. We at Paysera help them make payments without any worries.

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Paysera Bulgaria Team

Who are we?

Paysera is a company with 15 years of history and experience in providing payment services to companies and individuals all over the world. What about us - Paysera Bulgaria? Let us introduce ourselves!

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