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The most important features of the Paysera app in 2021 – how not to miss a thing?

Paysera Mobile Application

Every month, if not more often, the Paysera app presents you with new features and improvements – some of which are hard to notice even for keen eyes, while others make headlines. Test yourself – how many of the latest finance features from 2020 are you taking advantage of? And what are the most awaited ones we have yet to announce in 2021? We have something for everyone!

For card owners 💳

Multicoloured cards – radiant blue and orange vs. darker shades for business. Almost exactly a year ago we offered our clients new card colours.

Apple Pay – we ended the year with a bang and finally our clients could add their Visa cards to Apple Pay.

Card notifications – get notified on your phone once money leaves your Visa card. For those who constantly fear losing their card 🙈 To activate it tap on your profile icon in the app > Notifications > Turn on Card Payments.


For privacy and security 🔐

Privacy mode – open the app in front of your friends without fear of flashing your balance. Privacy first! Go to: Profile icon in the app > Privacy and security > Privacy Mode.

Hide statements – hide statements for certain purchases or spendings with no questions asked. In the transfer history section in the app pick a transaction and swipe it to the left > Hide.


For sharing 🤝

Shared accounts – we save together and we spend together! Open a shared account for shopping, freelancing together, or maybe holidays? Go to: Profile icon in the app > My accounts > Shared accounts.

Account permissions – give permission to see or manage your account to your accountant, business partner, or family member with a few taps. Go to: Profile icon in the app > My accounts > Pick an account > Permissions.

Recurring payments – have a subscription? Paying phone bills every month? Sending money for rent? Set up a recurring payment once and never worry about it again. 💸 Go to: Transfers > Recurring Payments.


For time-saving and convenience ⏳

New languages – Arabic, Ukrainian, Shqip (XK) – our app in 2020 became available in all these languages – bringing it to a total of 14 languages for easier finance management 🌎 Go to: Profile icon in the app > Language.

For finance gurus 🏅

Precious metals – buy, send, or sell back real physical gold via the Paysera app within moments. Gold trading was introduced in 2020 and soon became one of our most exciting services available for both business and private clients. Go to: More > Precious Metals.

Business accounts – open and manage your business account on the go via the app. Go to: Profile icon in the app > Business accounts > Open a Business account.


2021 – a year like no other

Without spoiling all our plans for the year, we offer you a sneak peek at what is lined up for Paysera customers this year.

Virtual cards 📲

We are working hard to deliver this to you as soon as possible – as this is truly one of the most awaited features that probably needs no further introduction.

Silver and platinum 🥈

After your warm welcome of gold trading features, we are determined to expand our precious metals offering to silver and platinum.

24/7 client support and in-app chats 💬

Soon you will be able to reach us in English all the time and not just via phone or email but also using in-app live chat, social media support, and more.

Money requests 🤑

Request money not only from Paysera clients but also from everyone else by sending them all the necessary info about how much they owe and where to send it in just a few taps.

… also Widgets for iOS 14 📲, VoiceOver accessibility 🗣, Shared Tabs for easier bill splitting when travelling with friends, and more that is yet to be revealed!



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