Mobile electronic wallet

From now on you do not have to carry cash, credit and debit cards. Transfer money safer and easier with Paysera mobile application. Pay the bill at a restaurant, purchase at fairs or return a debt to your friend.

Bank transfers in your smartphone

You do not have to log in to your e-banking or other complicated systems to perform a bank transfer. You can transfer money to a bank account via the Paysera application fast and free, as private clients can carry out EUR transfers to SEPA countries absolutely free of charge.*

Safer than a payment card

Application ensures the highest level of security. Data you send and receive are encrypted, while larger transfers can be protected with a password. The application can be opened only with a PIN code or a fingerprint.

Instant transfers to friends

Transfers between Paysera users are free of charge and money reaches the recipient immediately. It is an easy way to transfer money to friends and relatives, as the application is linked to your phone book. You can simply choose a contact from the list or enter the email address or phone number of the recipient and confirm the transfer.

Convenient account top up

Link the application to the payment card and you will not have to worry about topping up your account anymore. You will not even have to carry the payment card with you. You can also add funds to your account in cash at POS which can be found on the map of Paysera places.

Transfers to a new addressee

You can transfer money to any addressee, even if s/he is not a Paysera user. The beneficiary will receive a message via email or phone, informing him/her that money will be credited to his/her account as soon as s/he opens it.

Payment with QR code

It is particularly easy to pay with the application. Scan a unique QR code which you will find at a restaurant or POS and confirm the payment amount. No more paper receipts or waiting for a bill or a change.

* Having installed the application, login in with the data you use when logging in at If you do not have a Paysera account yet, you can easily open it via the application in a few minutes. You will be automatically applied with account limits which you can later change by logging in to Paysera e-payments system.