Fees for payment processing via mobile operators

As different taxes are applicable in different countries and operators and currency differ as well, next to the country name you will find the fee without VAT and in the national currency. 

Different percentage rates are applied in dependence on your monthly income. The income is calculated according to the amount of money spent by users because this amount does not depend upon the percentage you receive. There are three levels of income generation. I - when the amount is less than 289,62 EUR, II - from 289,62 EUR  up to 868,86 EUR, III - above 868,86 EUR

The percentage rate applied to you may differ from the one given in the table below if your service agreement states otherwise. 

Money for SMS messages received by fraud is not paid out; Thus received messages can be cancelled, regardless of the limitation period and country. We always inform law-enforcement institutions and operators about criminal actions. 

Fees for accepting payments by SMS are not as favourable as for other payment acceptance methods since most of the revenue goes to mobile operators, who charge us not only for successful operations, but also when they do not receive payments from clients. The price also includes expenses for a large number of client requests, maintenance of short numbers, and other technical solutions.

At the moment we cover 42 countries (click on the country name to see terms and prices):

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