Opening a Paysera Business Account

Start accepting payments for your business, get favourable currency exchange rates, and make cheaper transfers. All this and more with a Paysera Business account – download the Paysera Super App and get started today!

STEP 1. Create a personal Paysera account

  1. Open the app and choose your language
  2. Tap 'Create Account'
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Create a password
  5. Tick the terms and conditions
  6. Confirm your phone number
  7. Come up with a strong PIN code
  8. Enable Touch ID or Face ID

Registration completed!


STEP 2. Verification and identification

  1. Tap on the notification to complete the identification
  2. Enter your email address, get a confirmation code, and confirm your email address
  3. Complete the questionnaire
  4. Confirm that the information is correct and complete the identification
  5. Choose the document issue country and document type
  6. Prepare the document and take a photo of it
  7. Take a selfie

Congratulations! Your personal account is opened. Now use the same details to log in and open a business account.


STEP 3. Open a business account

A business account can be opened by the head of the company or an appointed person with power of attorney.

Via the app:

  1. Tap ⚙️ and choose 'Business accounts' and then ‘Open business account’.
  2. Select the registration country and enter the registration code.
  3. Submit all required information.

Via browser:

  1. Click on your profile icon and choose ‘Open a business account’.
  2. Select the registration country and enter the registration code
  3. Submit all required information.

In case of:

  • The account is being opened by an appointed person with power of attorney or by a non-Bulgarian citizen
  • The company is not a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • The manager's name does not match the Commercial Register (in Paysera's system he is listed with only two names or the spelling is in Latin letters)
  • Your registration country is not on the list

    Choose ‘Other country’ and upload all required documents:
    • Current extract from the Commercial Register
    • Articles of Association
    • Shareholder list
    • Power of Attorney according to Paysera model